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Start Of Year 2016-2017 . With the start of year 2016-2017, Maya Foundation entered its 1st Year of age. This Year, we have a great experience to working as an NGO. I am very thankful to all donors and supporters of Maya Foundation, Vasai, District Palghar. Maya Foundation is newly registered organization, in 2016 with the mission of uplifting the socio-cultural aspects of backward and marginalized sections in the grassroots level. In 2016-2017, Maya Foundation doing various activities in the field of Social, Education, Environment, Cultural, and other social welfare program and we are doing our work very promptly. We help needy peoples in various activities. We are grateful for the generosity of our donors and cherish your belief in us. Many of you have been with us from the beginning. Together we are offering hope through education to India’s Poor children.



Maya Foundation, Vasi made a modest beginning in 2016 with a program of distribution of Water Bottles and
Prize Distribution at Dance Competition organized at Gandhi Welfare Society, Gandhi Chowk, Virar (East),
In Year 2016-2017 Maya Foundation, Vasai done various activities in the field of welfare, education, environment
and various cultural programs. The description of the are summarized below.

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On 7th August 2016, Maya Foundation arranged program of Free Books distribution in Tarapur and Boisar town of Palghar District… Read More

In Month of August of year 2016, Maya Foundation organized program of Distribution of Rice… Read More

In the occasion of Independence Day, 2017 & 2018 by standing roadside members….  Read More


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