Medical Support

Every year, about 1.73 million children in India die owing to a lack of treatment. Maya Foundation works with children from the poorest and most marginalised households to help them get through essential procedures. The parents frequently do not have a lot of money to spend on such procedures’ therapy. The organisation funds the treatment of these disadvantaged youngsters and assists them in resuming their normal lives.

Child survival is a public health issue that focuses on lowering child mortality. The most common causes of child fatalities are diarrhoea, malaria, and new born disorders, and child survival initiatives are aimed to address these issues. Child survival measures are being used in several countries as a means of lowering child mortality. Every year, over ten million children under the age of five die, most of them from diseases that are preventable and treatable.

Maya Foundation receives medical cases for critical major procedures from a variety of children’s hospitals. Maya Foundation gives financial assistance to patients who cannot afford critical operations, critical illnesses, or medicines, and assists them in purchasing generic medications.

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