What We Do

Maya Foundation

Maya Foundation is a Non-Profitable & Non Religious Organization dedicated to help needy and neglected children. it has been Working in India for over 5 years. Maya Foundation approach focuses on basic education, heath, Disaster, Skill Development, Intervention, Treatment, Care and lot more.

Orphanage Support Program

We support orphanage to effectively run their Shelter homes by assisting them in basic & critical expenses like Shelter, Food Education, Clothing, Medical etc. Every child has a hunger for home,
not only for a place to sleep but for hunger for home, not only for a place to sleep but for safety, love & care. Providing safe environment for needy children is the main objective behind this program.


Our health interventions are aimed at ensuring long term positive impact within the marginalised population, especially women and girls. Key approaches include strengthening Government’s
mentoring, and outreach-based interventions like training healthcare workers, name-based tracking of key services such as immunization ans family planing. And capacity building of community representatives, among others.


We aim to empower girls from marginalised communities by building capacities, self-esteem and readership skills, that enable them to influence change at the individual, social and systemic levels,
Maya Foundation Girls Education Programme (GEP) fpcises on addressing social and pedagogical barriers that impedes participation of children, especially of girls, in education.


Maya Foundation provides humanitarian assistance at the time of natural of and man-made disaster along with disaster preparedness interventions in high-risk disaster prone areas. We provide relief to WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION FOR GIVING NEW LEASE OF LIFE TO LITTLE HEARTS