Women Support

Women’s empowerment is a defining feature of any civilization. The faster women’s empowerment and self-reliance occur in society, the faster the society’s progress will be accelerated. Maya Foundation aided over 100 impoverished and neglected women in the society using the same thought approach.

Self-help is the act of sharing a common experience, problem, or worry with others. It is participative in nature, involving receiving assistance, providing assistance, learning to assist oneself, and sharing information and experience. Self-help groups are considered as tools for achieving a number of aims, such as empowering women and building leadership skills among underprivileged women. Maya Foundation is assisting these SHGs.

Maya Foundation gives livelihood training to women who have been marginalised and ignored by society. Counseling is provided to them for societal stigma, discrimination, and trauma that they have experienced throughout their lives, allowing them to live a normal life. Maya Foundation has begun to empower women by providing them with various training programmes such as mattress manufacturing, beautician courses, leather bag making, embroidery, and stitching work, among others, in order to generate revenue for their long-term survival and well-being and upon completion of

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