Senior Citizen Support

An old age home is often the setting, a residence for elderly people who have no one to care for them or who have been evicted from their homes by their own children. Of course, the facility functions similarly to a home, providing convicts with all of the necessities for daily life, such as food, clothing, medical care, and shelter. Old people who are separated from their families, from their children, or who are left alone, at least in India, are not considered to be in a pleasant circumstance.

The idea of segregating the elders and the children was brought to India from the West. Everyone who visits an old age home can see that the inmates are there not because they want to be away from home and independent, but because they have no other option after being mistreated and unloved in their own houses by their own offspring.

The sole consolation is that senior citizens are receiving their daily needs of shelter and food – if not the family’s love links.

Maya Foundation provides support to 90 older adults in the areas of feeding, shelter, medical care, and assuring their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. When there are people around who are like-minded, senior citizens find the place wonderful. They spend a good time there and enjoy every bit of it.

There are also some orphan senior citizens who have no one to look after and stay on street and feed themselves by begging. Maya Foundation has tie-ups with many old age homes that take care of such orphan senior citizens. We admit such orphan senior citizens in such old age homes. These housings take care of day-to-day affairs and they are safe, secure, and medically equipped. Maya Foundation provides financial support to many old age homes for their daily cares like food, medicines,  cloth, etc,  and tries to give them the independence and freedom to lead their life in their own way happily.

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